Kan Kan Spice

Kan Kan Spice

Infusing Exotic West African Rainforest Flavors onto Toronto's Tables.

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Kan Kan Spice! Unleash the Sensational Tastes of West African Rainforest in Every Bite, from Suya, Steak, Chops, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, to Irresistible Jollof Rice.

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Use for BBQ, Grilling, fish, veg, to enhance any dish

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Easy to use

Sprinkle - Cook- Enjoy



Taste the purity!


Bold flavor

The taste That Gets You In Touch With Mother-Nature

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Research shows that they're very rich in antioxidants

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No carbs, no sugar added

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A One-Of-A-Kind RAINFOREST Spices Blend For GRILLING & More
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Kan Kan spice is a blend of wild spice from the central african forest with unique aromas, pure flavor, and various health benefits.
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Fuel your body with the nutrition it deserves.
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All-Purpose Seasoning & Grill
Available to shop online now
Get your Kan Kan Rainforest All-Purpose Seasoning and Grill today!

Kan Kan Rainforest All-Purpose Spice and Seasoning Grill - Whole Sale


Looking for the perfect blend of spices for your restaurant or store?

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Best Selling Product

(Medium) Kan Kan Rainforest All-Purpose Seasoning

Discover the perfect blend of African spices for every dish with our most popular product, the Medium Kan Kan Rainforest All-Purpose Seasoning. Enhance your culinary journey with the authentic flavors of Africa.

Kan kan Rainforest All-Purpose seasoning & Grill Medi 5.3oz 150g

Master the Art of Flavor With Kan Kan Rainforest!

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