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Our Owner Story

Hello! My name is Christiane Youmbi. I am the proud owner of KanKan Spice. KanKan Spice is a secret blend of the world-famous Penja peppercorn and spices from the African rainforest, inspired by my grandma’s recipe in Cameroon.

I am a trained Food Technology engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the food industry as a quality control manager for large corporations in Germany and Canada.

When I created it in 2020, my goal was to encapsulate Africa in a bottle. While supermarkets offer spice blends from all over the world, there's a noticeable absence of African flavors

Around 2002 I began to experience problems in my life and body. At that time I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Through research I found that proper food consumption can keep your body in good health while other unhealthy foods make you sick. Today I have completely recovered from all illnesses because of making daily healthy food choices for many years. I now have a passion to bring awareness to the importance of eating clean. Adding spices to your food not only enhances the flavor, but also contributes to improved health.

The company Kankan was created to help people live healthy lives by giving them better choices in foods and products. This is my contribution to the world. I care because your health matters!

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Our Mission

Our company’s objective is to enhance your health through cleaner foods and products. We offer help to people so that the right choices can be made in taking care of their health. We create, promote, and contribute to society by bringing foods that heal your body right to your home.

Our Vision

Our company strives for your home to experience and appreciate better health benefits, authentic taste, and convenience when choosing our foods and products. This will happen by preserving agricultural diversity through the amazing work of traditional farmers.

Our Values

Costumers Education

Most people do not understand the ingredients on the labels of the foods they buy. This can be harmful to their health and well-being. Our company strives to educate our customers about the good and clean foods that help to heal the body.


Our company is conscious of the busyness of family life. It can be time-consuming to prepare a good meal as well as know the health benefits. Our company offers access to quality and freshness so you can enjoy your food and spend more time with family.

High-Quality Standards

We are devoted to providing the best quality ingredients. This allows our company to build trust with our customers to ensure safe and clean products.



Our company feels responsible for keeping the traditions and cultures of cooking that bring the family together. We achieve this by selecting genuine ingredients that bring back the taste of grandma’s cooking.

Respect for farmers

Our company values the hard work that farmers do to contribute to the authenticity and preservation of crops. We understand that they play an important role to ensure diversity in the quality of our food. We support farmers so that our customers can experience a healthy life.

A customer Story

When I grew up in Cameroon, I used to watch grandma cook. All she needed was a few simple ingredients. And when she added the spices, irresistible aromas of fried meat, velvety sauce, and freshly picked herbs filled her kitchen.

Living in America, I wanted to impress my husband and guests with these deliciously savory dishes. So I tried to replicate her recipes with the spices and ingredients available. But no matter how much seasoning, broth cubes, and salty soy sauce I added, I couldn’t achieve the flavors I grew up with.

Then, while I was pregnant with my first child, higher amounts of sodium in my food were too much for my body. I eliminated everything packed with salt from my diet. Suddenly, food lost its taste… I started getting ill…

I remember preparing the baby shower for my first child. All I felt was insecurity about serving meals that tasted like a sponge, cardboard, or nothing at all. I didn’t have the time to spend in the kitchen or the great cooking skills to make delicious dishes from simple ingredients. At the same time, I couldn’t risk my health or the health of my unborn child.

My concerned aunt had noticed my anxiety about cooking for others and gifted me bags of wild African rainforest spices.

I tried cooking fish with them and the spices enhanced the natural flavors that my guests couldn’t stop complimenting. Then I tried cooking meat dishes, vegetables, and even sauces, with the same result! My husband loved it!

It turns out, that the manufacturer herself had conquered chronic illness by adopting a healthy diet. The spice mix was an authentic recipe inherited from her mother. It had been passed down generations as a natural treatment for digestive problems, inflammation, poor blood circulation, and certain infections. Used in traditional African medicine.

Now that I’m not sweating over the pots to cook mediocre meals, my family has more time to have fun together. We feel strong and energized when we wake up in the morning, and I’m no longer worrying about what I am serving my family.

Kan Kan wild rainforest spice mixes have become my secret to easy and healthy cooking. Just sprinkle, bake, cook or grill, and enjoy!

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