Kan Kan Spice Easy Tofu Fried Rice Recipe

Kan Kan Spice Easy Tofu Fried Rice Recipe
Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 10 Mins Total Time: 25 Mins

Fried rice is a quick and easy dish that can be adapted to any diet. This tofu fried rice recipe is perfect for vegetarians, and it can be easily modified to be a vegan recipe by simply omitting the eggs. With simple yet delicious ingredients, even the pickiest eaters will love this dish.

The Kan Kan rainforest seasoning is also flavorful, spicy, and is the perfect replacement for traditional Chinese seasonings. Kan Kan rainforest seasoning has just the right combination of saltiness and flavor, making it the ideal substitute for soy sauce and white pepper powder! Soy sauce and white pepper powder can be challenging to use in dishes such as fried rice since it can be hard to get the right proportion. But with Kan Kan rainforest seasoning, fried rice becomes an easy dish that can be easily seasoned to taste. By cutting out difficult-to-use ingredients, you can quickly make this dish for a weeknight meal for your family.


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    Prepare the fresh ingredients
  • Cut ¾ of a block of firm tofu into small cubes Dice 1 cup of peeled baby carrots Cut 2 green onions into ringlets and separate the white and green parts of the chopped green onion.
  • Make the fried rice!
  • Add 2 tbsp of canola oil or any other neutral oil to a large non-stick pan and let the oil get hot. Fry the tofu cubes in the oil until all sides of the tofu are golden brown and crispy. Add the frozen peas, diced carrots, canned corn, and the white part of the green onion to the same pan. Fry them until the vegetables are soft and browned. Move the vegetables to one side and scramble 3 eggs in the same pan. Once the eggs are cooked, add the cold rice into the frying pan and mix everything together. Add 2 tbsp of Kan Kan seasoning and extra salt to taste.


Tips for Success: Do not use freshly made rice since it is too wet, and will get mushy after it is fried. Instead, use day-old rice or rice that is cold and refrigerated for the best taste and texture. Cook all ingredients in the same pan to save dishes and keep all of the delicious flavors. Substitutions and Variations: Protein: Fried rice is delicious with all different types of protein, not just tofu. You can substitute the tofu for chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, bacon, or even crab. Vegetables: Vegetables such as edamame, bell peppers, pineapple, onion, or garlic can be added if you like different vegetables. Feel free to add any leftover vegetables in your fridge that you feel would taste good in fried rice. Rice: You can use short-grain, long-grain, jasmine, brown, or white rice to make fried rice. Just make sure it is chilled for the best results.